Nobody’s Talkin’ Soil…

War, Trump, Recession, Climate Change, Sex Change, Kim Kardashian’s Butt, and more. These are the beloved news media topics of our day to day lives Everyone’s talkin’ but nobody’s TALKIN SOIL.

Is it possible we are distracted from what really matters in our lives like clean food, air, water, strong shelter, community, and soil? If so, one can ask his/her self how healthy is my body, mind, and spiritual practice or worship to God? How healthy is our relationship with our friends, neighbors, families, and communities. How healthy is our relationship to our soil, the plant and animal life, and the Planet that sustains our very bodies. How often do we worship God, practice prayer, and pursue scriptural studies? How is our financial freedom? Can we strive to improve these relationships and set goals for our lives that can improve life as a whole entirely? If so, what is stopping us? Why do we get distracted with media ideas and facilities that don’t necessarily pertain to our day to day lives?

Let’s focus on the relationship we share with our planet. There is something that we take for granted no doubt that contains most of the life on the planet. Most of this life is tiny and microscopic but it all lives underneath our feet. I’m TALKIN SOIL.

The soil is the structure that sustains our livelihoods and we may not even know or care. Why should I care? Well, that would be equivalent to asking yourself why should i live? We are only as healthy as our soil; We are only as rich as our soil.


Have you ever gone 3 days without eating a single meal? If yes, then you might understand. Hunger is a powerful driving force all throughout nature and the Planet’s natural systems. If you want to keep eating you better know where or at least how your feed keeps showing up for you, right?

I started out in the restaurant industry where I learned all about how our food is managed and the systems that get it from farm to table, so to speak. More info on this subject can be found everywhere. A good documentary is Food Inc. This will give you insight where your food is coming from. The next step is to realize the challenge of growing the food, harvesting, and distributing or preserving it as well. This involves the core structure of a healthy soil to maximize our food’s nutrients so that our bodies absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. Truth of the matter is that with big Ag, we feed more people but the nutrient content is minimum. This is why we are taking daily vitamins and supplements to support our lack of a proper nutrient rich diet from our food sources. To farm and produce proper nutrient rich food, the basic requirement is a proper, nutrient rich, life thriving diet.

Millions of organisms are working 24/7 nonstop to keep our bodies functioning. The bacteria, fungi, microbes, and nematodes in the soil require organic matter from both Plant life and Animal life ONLY, in order to properly multiply and do their thang in the soil.

Using chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers help to kill this life in the soil and create poor nutrient deprived food that looks good, but is nowhere as nutritional. It is said that in order to acquire the nutritional content as one orange contained 100 years ago, you have to eat eight oranges now. This is a great way to say our soil is poor and not as rich as it once was at the beginning of the industrial revolution period in history.

Soil life matters, and deserves attention for increasing its health to help create and sustain proper healthy lives for our children and their children. More info and to show support for soil at

More on soil and its structure next time….
Steven Turner, Plant Lives Matter LLC

Talkin Soil