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We base our prices upon the last year of business experience, other landscaping and lawn care companies in the area, inflation, new business goals, and now over 5 years of experience in the trade.

Minimum Requirements

Our new minimum to come out to your property for any project (not including regular maintenance, mowing, or hedge trimming agreed amount services) is $260.

General Labor Rates
General labor: weeding, moving material, total roof and yard leaf blowing and removal, gutter cleaning, etc. $65 per hour. Price includes experience level, insurance, and cost of equipment used if and when necessary.
Regular Maintenance Services
Regular maintenance services: Payments are by the job unless other agreements are made.
Pricing for Mowing - riding lawn lower.


$90/ acre includes: mowing, weed eating, edging, and leaf blowing if necessary. Cost covers cost of equipment and gas, time and labor, and insurance. Is equivalent to $150/month or $1800/ year (20 cuts, April-Sept. 14 cuts, Oct.-March 6 cuts) This area gets on average 55” of rain each year.

Hedge Trimming - hedges around a house.

Hedge Trimming

Price varies on location of customer, total number of hedges, and size of hedges/ hedgerows or bushes and is often based upon an hourly rate.
Haul-Aways - taking away landscaping garbage
Truck bed and 6×12 Trailer load to Dump for time, gas, wear and tear on vehicles, is a minumum of $260 per trip. This cost will be added to any job needing tree services needing truck and trailer load of materials hauled away.
Mulch - showing different types.
Mulch and Rock Installations
$130 per yard. (2 yard minimum) This price is based upon wear and tear of vehicle and trailer for transporting and supplying mulch, gas, and labor for installment. 1 yard covers about 100-150sq ft 2 to 3 in. deep of both mulch and rock in a landscape. The price mentioned above does not include landscape fabric. We offer the best heavy duty professional landscape fabric as an option to the customer for an additional fee. Edging and border creations for support of mulch and or rock is based upon general labor hourly rate. $65/ hr per man for installment. Rock installments vary due to bigger range in cost of material.
Hardscapes - showing a patio our of flagstone

Hardscapes; Pavers, Flagstone, and Fire Pits

$75/ hour. Rates based upon heavy intensive labor, experience, wear and tear on truck and trailer for hauling and transporting materials. Longer hours required for certain square footage. It takes approximately 10 to 15 hours per 100 sq ft. to gather materials, level area, install paver base and pavers, fill gaps with sand, and seal. (1 pallet of pavers will cover roughly 100 sq ft.)
Handyman - general maintenance for a house.
Chainsaw operating, firewood, pruning, fence row clearing, etc. Estimated Jobs for tree services and chainsaw operating are based upon size of tree. This covers cost of equipment (chainsaws, chains, gas, and oil, etc.), general insurance, and experience. (Haul away prices will be added to the hourly rate of all Chainsaw operations as necessary.)
Pressure Washing - a driveway with Pressure Washing machine

Handyman; Pressure Washing

$0.40 per sq ft. Driveways, sidewalks and wall stones/ edging. No housing and or roofs. Price includes presoak, bleach, if necessary, labor and equipment. (650sq. ft. minimum for pressure washing alone. Otherwise, can be added on with other work at your property at $0.40 per sq. ft with prior notice of other landscape service.)
Raised Garden Beds - showing construction of garden beds.
Raised Garden Beds

One Bed measures 3 ft wide by 12 ft long and uses two 2 in thick x12 in wide x 12 ft long boards, 6 mil. Plastic Liner, metal screening measuring 3ft wide x 12 ft long and is attached to bottom or base of bed to wood for mole protection. Soil: 12 bags of Black Kow manure and 1 yard of topsoil. Additional elements to prevent wildlife and other animals into beds include: six 1in thick x2 in wide and 6 ft long lumber sticks, 1 roll of chicken wire, twenty four 3 in wood screws and staple gun with staples to attach chicken wire. Labor, Time, and Gas for supplies. Happy planting!

Natural Weed Killer - chemical free.

Natural Weed Killer

This service is a great addition to regular maintenance and works well for rock landscape beds specifically or fence lines to prevent weeds from growing. Recommended using this service as often as mowing service which is more in summer and once in a while when want the winter…This service is kid, and pet safe and doesn’t runoff or pollute waterways.
Natural Ant Killer - keeping them off the driveway

Natural Ant Killer

Soon To Come…
Banana Circle Kits - banana trees in a circle garden

Banana Circle Kits

Soon To Come…
F.I.G.S. kits - ariel view

F.I.G.S. kits

Soon To Come…

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