About Green Solutions

Green Solutions

We offer our services at a reasonable price, with quality performance, and green solutions to our neighbors, home owners, and farmers. We provide services to Brooksville Residents and all the surrounding communities!

We are reasonably priced at not too cheap and not too expensive.

We are honest with our customers and hardworking to provide quality performance. We are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction and go above and beyond.

We have a flexible schedule and can adapt to accommodate specific needs.

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Green Solutions
We keep good communication with our customers to make sure they are guaranteed satisfaction.

We don’t support poisonous chemicals and fertilizers. We find natural alternatives to treat sidewalks, weeds, etc. to protect our local water sources, plant, and animal wildlife so that what we pass onto our children is healthier.

A percentage of all Projects and Support goes towards building a healthier, more sustainable future. Profits help move this business forward faster and reach future goals of local food security through edible landscaping and a healthier people and planet through natural practices for years to come.

We have 2-3 days of food supply in our nearby located grocery stores to millions of Florida residents any given moment there is a gap in our just in time food supply chain and or a natural disaster occurs. Plant Lives Matter is working towards future projects of local Food Installed Garden Security Kits (F.I.G.S.), and NON toxic weed and ant treatments.

We are encouraging natural landscapes to help prevent events like red tide, species depopulation, and drastically changing climate. We suggest not using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, if possible, grow native plants to attract pollinators and alternative weed killing/ control solutions. Organic is best for plants, planet, people, environment, pets and children. Grow and utilize edible plants to help improve total dependence on our large foot print grocery store food system.

We can’t be healthy in an unhealthy environment! True wealth is based upon Health! Health of the people, planet and relationship with the Lord!

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Our Services

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Edible and Native Plants


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Landscape/ Hardscaping

Mulch and Rock removal and installments. Edging installation. Pavers/Flagstone and Fire Pit installments.
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Regular Maintenance

Hedge, Shrub and Tree Trim, Fence Row Clearing

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Haul Away

Removal of brush, trash, and excess materials

Lawn mower

Lawn Care

Mowing, Leaf Blowing, Weed Eat/ Edging

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Farm Help

Garden Maintenance- Weeding, Planting, Raised Beds, etc.

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Pressure Washing and Chainsaw opporating.

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Lawn Care

Weed Control

Yard Cleanup

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