Edible and Native Plant Landscaping Artist

This is Steven, your natural native plant landscaping artist local landscaper with Plant Lives Matter LLC Landscaping and More. I am just checking in with a report after an introduction in March, Life from a perspective of a Landscaper.

Most of us are landscapers whether we want to claim this or not. It’s in our nature to care take for the planet in a way that is creative, productive, interactive or engaging. As a species, we have been engaging with our landscapes all throughout time and space. It used to be required as a way of surviving, but being raised indoors and on television, computer, and phone screens has allowed my peers to not entertain this idea of being a natural landscaper.

I suspect most people reading this may be elders. I am considered a millennial by age group. After spending time volunteering for a nonprofit, I gained this perspective first hand. I was raised on technology, indoors during most hours of the day at school, indoors at home watching TV and playing video games, but not engaging in the landscape the way perhaps an Amish kid would in their community. Having Amish friends who dropped out of the community in Missouri, I learned their lifestyle at a young age, would include many tasks with their farmland, learning to break horses by the age of six, and learning skills required for community contribution.

This is how I suspect most people lived 100 years ago before the big industrial revolution progress in technology. This change in childhood is not bad, I am pointing at the idea that we are naturally landscapers and our interaction with the planet, environment, and landscape has minimized our relationship with this natural, once required skill. As we get older now days, we continue to stay in our indoor created environments like cars and buildings going on with life as if our little bubbles are somehow separate from our environment.

People are convinced we are separate from our environments. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Billions of organisms all interact every day to produce and balance our resources and requirements to sustain our livelihoods, daily lifestyles, and bodily functions. We in fact are all products of our environments. You cannot be healthy in an unhealthy environment.

Plant Lives Matter

Edible and Native Plant Landscaping Artist