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4 Yards Of Fresh Mulch And Drainage Fixing Around Pool
This project was done in the winter time in Central Florida on a neighbors house. It took two days to get materials of three yards to cover roughly 300 square feet of red mulch three to four inches deep. There was an issue with water run off and was easily fixed with the proper wall stone and borders to help keep the water from creating a mess in the yard. Each wooden landscape tie was properly put into place to secure the mulch in around the entire pool area. The client was happy and was soon to hire me again for a rock installation a year later.
10 Yard Red Mulch Installment For Homeowner Landscape Prep For Spring Season
This was a cover over red mulch job with 10 yards spread evenly over hundreds of square feet total. This client is a repeat, very pleased by the work done, and has regular services like this every year for her landscape.
Black Mulch With 2 Flower Beds And Around The Base Of Trees
Driveway Redo And Installment Granite Rock X 9 Tons
This driveway was old and needed a fresh look and functionality. The client bought nine tons of granite gravel delivered to the property. I spent six hours spreading the rock evenly and creating a new section to turn vehicles around on. The client was very pleased with the amount of work in such little time that was done. I was able to do this job for half the price of other companies that wanted to use big machinery to do this simple labor intensive job.
Full Installment Of Rock, Edging, And Plants
This client is a regular and I have done many projects on the property including regular mowing services. This project included six tons of two-inch river rock, several feet of red brick border edging, professional grade landscape fabric for weed suppressant, and several plants. This project was done in two days and the client is very satisfied.
Installment Of Podocarpus Hedges Along Poolside
Installation of brown mulch on top of professional grade landscape fabric and several Podocarpus hedge row planted. Each plant at two feet apart.
Marble Chip Rock Installment
Simple white marble chips rock landscape restoration
Mulching Over Kogan Grass Projects

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