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Driveway Gravel Installment To Fix Muddy Mess Area
This driveway was a muddy mess every time it rained. To solve this, the client and I decided to have installed a four inch corrugated drainage pipe and granite rock on top of professional landscape fabric.
Firepit Hardscape Project for Backyard
This project measured to be 216 square feet, took two full days and about sixteen hours to complete. I started by laying out and cleaning salvaged pavers with the pressure washer. Once the pavers were layed out in the agreed upon pattern and cleaned, I then started leveling the dirt. Removing dirt and replacing it with paver base and or concrete is preferred, but to save time and money, the client wanted to just use his Florida sandy dirt leveled. I then placed each paver together like a puzzle back into the patter, concrete edged them to hold together, and then finished by sanding the gaps and sealing over the entire surface with paver sealant. This fire pit looks great and works well. The client is very satisfied.
Flagstone Firepit Installment Roughly 400 Sq Ft
This flagstone fire pit measured roughly 360 square feet and took roughly 25 hours to fully install, mortar together, and seal.
Flagstone Pond
This is a pond that was previously installed and was not ever finished. I went over some ideas with the client and we agreed to make it smooth and easy to walk on and around while still making it look artistic. It took a pallet of flagstone and some creativity to mortar together different sized pieces into a functional walkway around the entire pond. After finishing the project, a solar pump was installed to cycle the pond water for goldfish and ducks that used it regularly.
Paver Sidewalk For Front Entrance Redo And Installment
This project measured to be 150 square feet. I removed the previously laid out pavers and replaced them with a level and smooth cement base with pattern placed paver brick on top. This project took about twelve hours after sealing from start to finish. This is a repeat client and he was happy with the results.
Pool Side Paver Installment
Here we see a small paver patio installed to prevent a muddy area that was previously an issue to anyone walking into or out of poolside entrance.

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