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Chainsaw Projects

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Chainsaw Projects

Handyman in Hernado County
Chainsaw Projects


Hedge Trimming

I regularly maintain these hedges in front of and along side of this clients house. I trim hedges about once a month in the central Florida growing season.
Weed Clearing And Haul Away
This property was recently bought by the client. She hired me to clear the overgrowth and to haul it away. This job took two full days including both haul away trips to the local waste management facility. The client was super happy and promoted the job on her personal social media platforms. A big thanks to her for doing so.
Weed Removal From Rock Beds In The Landscape

This job was a de-weeding along the entire poolside. I mostly pulled these weeds and used a non toxic environment friendly product to spray the entire area I weeded for an extra effect. This is a repeat client.

Weeding Garden Beds

Removal of all the weeds around the pool house and pre existing raised garden beds. This job took roughly half of a day to thoroughly remove weeds by the roots to bare dirt again.

Pressure Washing Projects
Driveway Pressure Wash
Pressure Wash Wallstone And Driveway Or Garage Port

This job was a pressure washing transformation in the summer time. The walls tone was covered in overgrowth and mold. I sprayed bleach to cover all of the surfaces before I pressure washed the driveway for the garage and the wall stone beside it. This job took roughly half of a day and was enjoyable to make it go from black and green to clean and pristine again. I have done several other project jobs for this same client since.

Step Stones And Pool Deck Cleaning
Robellini Palm Transplants
This project was done in the winter time in Central Florida. It took one entire day to remove large and medium sized Robellini Palm trees from an elder couple’s house to a younger couple’s new house. First, I had to dig up and around each of the palm trees. Second, I needed to prune the roots shorter to help with transplant shock and to encourage new growth. Then the palms were loaded onto the nearby trailer as the holes from the removal were filled back in with dirt I had bought for this purpose. Next, I dug two new holes, filled the holes with water, let water soak in, and planted the newly dug up palms into the freshly dug new holes. Packing the trees high and tight for Florida soils and adding a bit of compost to provide some nutrients for the new growth. The customer’s were all happy and I will help then with any questions they may have during the re establishment of the two newly transplanted palms.

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